A bold new vision for our post-capitalist future
Fringe In is an independent research project for
a new approach to sustainable development
The Fringe In Manifesto is as follows:
Pare Down
We critically examine everything to come out of modern-day industrial society, and start making decisions around what we want to bring with us and what we want to leave behind.
We take a step back from the laboratory and spend some time learning from the pros – those who lived sustainably off the land for thousands of years prior to globalization.
We take a bottom-up approach by supporting pre-existing grassroots movements towards more autonomous, resilient communities
We empower emerging communities with universal access to decentralized energy (solar) and communication (the internet).
Research in Reuse
We’re tackling society’s trash problem
How many times a day do you throw something in the trash? Do you give it much thought when you do?

New research published by the World Watch Institute suggests that the amount of waste our global society produces could double by 2025 — from today’s 1.3 billion tons per year to a whopping 2.6 billion. A jump of this magnitude would be an environmental disaster. From the carcinogenic chemicals released into our air by incinerators to the accumulation of ecosystem-decimating plastic in our oceans, the risks posed to human and ecological health cannot be understated. Things must change.

Luckily, concerned citizens the world over are turning to innovative solutions in their respective communities. In lieu of irreconcilable issues associated with landfills and incinerators, action is being taken at the local level to fight proposals for these unsustainable systems and adopt zero-waste strategies instead. Solving our trash crisis will require us to fundamentally rethink the way we approach waste — from the current false-linear paradigm to one that better reflects earth’s cyclical systems and the finite nature of her resources.

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Past Projects
We went to Bolivia!
Trends: The Patterns of Action Shaping our World
Planning for the future begins with understanding the present.
At work in our world today are a number of megatrends: sustained, transformative global forces with broad-reaching impacts on how our societies function. In recognizing these megatrends, we hope to facilitate a hypertrend. A hypertrend is a trend so big, it builds on megatrends.

Our goal is to promote ideas and actions that support the emergence of favorable hypertrends.

Our methodology is to identify megatrends, then plot a course of action so as to steer the course of human history in a positive direction.

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